ACNS 2021

19th International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Kamakura, Japan
21-24 June 2021

Why Sponsoring ACNS?

Sponsoring ACNS2021 is an opportunity for companies to:

  • Create a community
  • Build new contacts with national and international researchers and universities
  • Increase the visibility in research-relevant operations and impact on the general public

CyberSecurity conferences are catalysts of motivated researchers. By supporting the conference, companies will be partners rather than just sponsors, spreading a culture of cybersecurity in Italy and promoting an increase of cybersecurity awareness in our country.

By sponsoring ACNS2021, companies will have the opportunity to stand out in the Japan and international landscape.

ACNS is actively looking for third-party sponsors for the conference. More information for sponsoring ACNS, including sponsoring tiers and benefits, can be found in the following document: ACNS Sponsorship