ACNS 2023

21st International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Kyoto, Japan
19-22 June, 2023

Best Student Paper Award

BIKE Key-Recovery: Combining Power Consumption Analysis and Information-Set Decoding
Agathe Cheriere, Nicolas Aragon, Tania Richmond and Benoît Gérard
Capturing Antique Browsers in Modern Devices: A Security Analysis of Captive Portal Mini-Browsers
Ping-Lun Wang, Kai-Hsiang Chou, Shou-Ching Hsiao, Ann Tene Low, Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim and Hsu-Chun Hsiao

Best Workshop Paper Award

Hybrid Post-Quantum Signatures in Hardware Security Keys
Diana Ghinea, Fabian Kaczmarczyck, Jennifer Pullman, Julien Cretin, Stefan Kolbl, Rafael Misoczki, Jean-Michel Picod, Luca Invernizzi, Elie Bursztein
Secret Key Recovery Attack on Masked and Shuffled Implementations of CRYSTALS-Kyber and Saber
Linus Backlund, Kalle Ngo, Joel G¨artner, and Elena Dubrova

Best Poster Award