ACNS 2023

21st International Conference on Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Kyoto, Japan
19-22 June, 2023

Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Constant-Round Multiparty Private Function Evaluation With (Quasi-)Linear Complexities
Yongfeng Xu, Hanyu Jia, Xiangxue Li, Qiang Li, Yue Bao and Xintian Hou
Formal Verification of Arithmetic Masking in Hardware and Software
Barbara Gigerl, Robert Primas and Stefan Mangard
Robustly Reusable Fuzzy Extractors in a Post-Quantum World
Amit Deo and Charles Grover
Pairings in Rank-1 Constraint System
Youssef El Housni
Fast and Efficient Malware Detection with Joint Static and Dynamic Features Through Transfer Learning
Mao V. Ngo, Tram Truong-Huu, Dima Rabadi, Jia Yi Loo and Sin G. Teo
A Novel Automatic Technique Based on MILP to Search for Impossible Differentials
Yong Liu, Zejun Xiang, Siwei Chen, Shasha Zhang and Xiangyong Zeng
Explicit and Nearly Tight Lower Bound for 2-party Perfectly Secure FSS
Keitaro Hiwatashi and Koji Nuida
Tiny WFP : Lightweight and Effective Website Fingerprinting Via Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis
Cong Tian, Dengpan Ye and Chuanxi Chen
Forward Security of Fiat-Shamir Lattice Signatures
Yang Tao, Rui Zhang and Yunfeng Ji
Meet-in-the-Filter and Dynamic Counting with Applications to Speck
Alex Biryukov, Luan Cardoso dos Santos, Je Sen Teh, Aleksei Udovenko and Vesselin Velichkov
Near Collision Attack against Grain v1
Subhadeep Banik, Daniel Collins and Willi Meier
Layered Binary Templating
Martin Schwarzl, Erik Kraft and Daniel Gruss
Capturing Antique Browsers in Modern Devices: A Security Analysis of Captive Portal Mini-Browsers
Ping-Lun Wang, Kai-Hsiang Chou, Shou-Ching Hsiao, Ann Tene Low, Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim and Hsu-Chun Hsiao
Subversion-Resilient Authenticated Encryption without Random Oracles
Pascal Bemmann, Sebastian Berndt, Denis Diemert, Tibor Jager and Thomas Eisenbarth
Mt. Random: Multi-Tiered Randomness Beacons
Ignacio Cascudo, Bernardo David, Omer Shlomovits and Denis Varlakov
PIE: p-adic Encoding for High-Precision Arithmetic in Homomorphic Encryption
Luke Harmon, Gaetan Delavignette, Arnab Roy and David Silva
On the Complete Non-Malleability of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Transform
Daniele Friolo, Matteo Salvino and Daniele Venturi
Multi-Theorem Fiat-Shamir Transform from Correlation-Intractable Hash Functions
Michele Ciampi and Yu Xia
A Forkcipher-based Pseudo-Random Number Generator
Elena Andreeva and Andreas Weninger
DMA'n'Play: Practical Remote Attestation Based on Direct Memory Access
Sebastian Surminski, Christian Niesler, Lucas Davi and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
Revisiting Transaction Ledger Robustness in the Miner Extractable Value Era
Fredrik Kamphuis, Bernardo Magri, Ricky Lamberty and Sebastian Faust
TIDAL: Practical Collisions on State-Reduced Keccak Variants
Sahiba Suryawanshi, Dhiman Saha and Shashwat Jaiswal
Recommendation for a holistic secure embedded ISA extension
Florian Stolz, Marc Fyrbiak, Pascal Sasdrich and Tim Güneysu
Game-Theoretically Secure Protocols for the Ordinal Random Assignment Problem
T-H. Hubert Chan, Ting Wen, Hao Xie and Quan Xue
QuantumCharge: Post-Quantum Cryptography for Electric Vehicle Charging
Dustin Kern, Christoph Krauß, Timm Lauser, Nouri Alnahawi, Alexander Wiesmaier and Ruben Niederhagen
An Empirical Analysis of Security and Privacy Risks in Android Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps
I Wayan Budi Sentana, Muhammad Ikram and Mohamed Ali Kaafar
Analysis and Prevention of Averaging Attacks against Obfuscation Protocols
Kilian Becher, J. A. Gregor Lagodzinski, Javier Parra Arnau and Thorsten Strufe
Practical Robust DKG Protocols for CSIDH
Shahla Atapoor, Karim Baghery, Daniele Cozzo and Robi Pedersen
FLSwitch: Towards Secure and Fast Model Aggregation for Federated Deep Learning with a Learning State-Aware Switch
Yunlong Mao, Ziqin Dang, Yu Lin, Tianling Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Jingyu Hua and Sheng Zhong
Shorter and Faster Identity-Based Signatures with Tight Security in the (Q)ROM from Lattices
Eric Sageloli, Pierre Pébereau, Pierrick Méaux and Céline Chevalier
Efficient Isogeny Proofs Using Generic Techniques
Kelong Cong, Yi-Fu Lai and Shai Levin
Towards Post-Quantum Hash Proof Systems
Bénédikt Tran and Serge Vaudenay
Optimal Security Notion for Decentralized Multi-Client Functional Encryption
Ky Nguyen, Duong Hieu Phan and David Pointcheval
HS-based error correction algorithm for noisy binary GCD side-channel sequences
Kenta Tani and Noboru Kunihiro
Binary Kummer Line
Sabyasachi Karati
Spherical Gaussian Leftover Hash Lemma via the Rényi Divergence
Hiroki Okada, Kazuhide Fukushima, Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Tsuyoshi Takagi
A New Approach to Garbled Circuits
Anasuya Acharya, Tomer Ashur, Efrat Cohen, Carmit Hazay and Avishay Yanai
Low Memory Attacks on Small Key CSIDH
Jesus-Javier Chi-Dominguez, Andre Esser, Sabrina Kunzweiler and Alexander May
Scored Anonymous Credentials
Sherman S. M. Chow, Jack P. K. Ma and Tsz Hon Yuen
Anonymous (Hierarchical) Identity-Based Encryption from Broader Assumptions
Huangting Wu and Sherman S. M. Chow
Predicate Private Set Intersection With Linear Complexity
Yaxi Yang, Jian Weng, Yufeng Yi, Changyu Dong, Leo Yu Zhang and Jianying Zhou
A Framework for UC Secure Privacy Preserving Biometric Authentication using Efficient Functional Encryption
Johannes Ernst and Katerina Mitrokotsa
Efficient Network Representation for GNN-based Intrusion Detection
Hamdi Friji, Alexis Olivereau and Mireille Sarkiss
GeT a CAKE: Generic Transformations from Key Encaspulation Mechanisms to Password Authenticated Key Exchanges
Hugo Beguinet, Céline Chevalier, David Pointcheval, Thomas Ricosset and Mélissa Rossi
BIKE Key-Recovery: Combining Power Consumption Analysis and Information-Set Decoding
Agathe Cheriere, Nicolas Aragon, Tania Richmond and Benoît Gérard
EVADE: Efficient Moving Target Defense for Autonomous Network Topology Shuffling Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Qisheng Zhang, Jin-Hee Cho, Terrence J. Moore, Dan Dongseong Kim, Hyuk Lim and Frederica Nelson
Publicly Auditable Functional Encryption
Vlasis Koutsos and Dimitrios Papadopoulos
Those Aren't Your Memories, They're Somebody Else's: Seeding Misinformation in Chat Bot Memories
Conor Atkins, Benjamin Zi Hao Zhao, Hassan Jameel Asghar, Ian Wood and Mohamed Ali Kaafar
Social Honeypot for Humans: Luring People through Self-managed Instagram Pages
Sara Bardi, Mauro Conti, Luca Pajola and Pier Paolo Tricomi
Private Information Retrieval with Result Verification for More Servers
Pengzhen Ke and Liang Feng Zhang
Generalised Asynchronous Remote Key Generation for Pairing-based Cryptosystems
Nick Frymann, Daniel Gardham, Mark Manulis and Hugo Nartz
Steal from Collaboration: Spy Attack by a Dishonest Party in Vertical Federated Learning
Hongbin Chen, Chaohao Fu and Na Ruan
Divide and Rule: DiFA - Division Property Based Fault Attacks on PRESENT and GIFT
Anup Kumar Kundu, Shibam Ghosh, Dhiman Saha and Mostafizar Rahman


POSTER: Ransomware detection mechanism – project status at the beginning of 2023
Michał Glet and Kamil Kaczyński
POSTER: AuthZit: Multi-Modal Authentication with Visual-Spatial and Text Secrets
Joon Kuy Han
POSTER: Integration of End-to-End Security and Lightweight-SSL for Enhancing Security and Efficiency of MQTT
Hung-Yu Chien
POSTER: Stopping Run-time Countermeasures in Cryptographic Primitives
Myung-Hyun Kim, Taek-Young Youn, and Seungkwang Lee
POSTER: Swarm-based IoT Network Penetration Testing by IoT Devices
Thomas Schiller and Sean Mondesire
POSTER: Advancing Federated Edge Computing with Continual Learning for Secure and Efficient Performance
Chunlu Chen, Kevin I-Kai Wang, Peng Li, and Kouichi Sakurai
POSTER:A Fine-Grained Metric for Evaluating the Performance of Adversarial Attacks and Defenses
Haibo Zhang, Zhihua Yao, and Kouichi Sakurai
POSTER: Integrating Quantum Key Distribution into Hybrid Quantum-Classical Networks
Juris Viksna, Sergejs Kozlovics, and Edgars Rencis
POSTER: Adaptive Moving Target Defense: Enhancing Dynamic Perturbation through Voltage Sensitivity Analysis in Power Systems
Muhammad Nouman Nafees, Neetesh Saxena, and Pete Burnap
POSTER: PriAuct: Privacy Preserving Auction Mechanism
Neha Joshi, Abhishek Thakur, and A Antony Franklin
POSTER: Using Verifiable Credentials for authentication of UAVs in logistics
Ken Watanabe1 and Kazue Sako
POSTER: A card-based protocol that lets you know how close two parties are in their opinions (agree/disagree) by using a four-point Likert scale
Yuji Suga
POSTER: Collaborative Authority-Based Searchable Encryption Using Access Control Encryption
Dequan Xu, Changgen Peng, Youliang Tian, Hai Liu, Ziyue Wang, and Weizheng Wang

Workshop papers


Automatic Search Model for Related-Tweakey Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis
Huiqin Chen, Yongqiang Li, Xichao Hu, Zhengbin Liu, Lin Jiao, and Mingsheng Wang
Comprehensive Preimage Security Evaluations on Rijndael-based Hashing
Tianyu Zhang
Conditional Cube Key Recovery Attack on Round-Reduced Xoodyak
Mohammad Vaziri and Vesselin Velichkov


Smart Contract-based E-Voting System Using Homomorphic Encryption and Zero-knowledge Proof
Yuxiao Wu and Shoji Kasahara
Preventing Content Cloning in NFT Collections
Ivan Visconti, Andrea Vitaletti, and Marco Zecchini
NFT Trades in Bitcoin with Off-chain Receipts
Mehmet Sabir Kiraz, Enrique Larraia, and Owen Vaughan


A Comparison of Multi-task learning and Single-task learning Approaches
Thomas Marquet and Elisabeth Oswald
Hide and Seek: Using Occlusion Techniques for Side-Channel Leakage Attribution in CNNs
Thomas Schamberger, Maximilian Egger, and Lars Tebelmann
Secret Key Recovery Attack on Masked and Shuffled Implementations of CRYSTALS-Kyber and Saber
Linus Backlund, Kalle Ngo, Joel G¨artner, and Elena Dubrova
SoK: Assisted Fault Simulation Existing Challenges and Opportunities Offered by AI
Asmita Adhikary and Ileana Buhan
Using Model Optimization as Countermeasure against Model Recovery Attacks
Dirmanto Jap and Shivam Bhasin


Blockchain-enabled Data Sharing in Connected Autonomous Vehicles for Heterogeneous Networks
Ali Hussain Khan, Naveed UL Hassan, Chuadhry Mujeeb Ahmed, Zartash Afzal Uzmi, and Chau Yuen
A Security Policy Engine for Building Energy Management Systems
Jiahui Lim, Wenshei Ong, Utku Tefek, and Ertem Esiner
EARIC: Exploiting ADC Registers in IoT and Control Systems
Eyasu Getahun Chekole, Rajaram Thulasiraman, and Jianying Zhou


Round-Efficient Security Authentication Protocol For 5G Network
Guining Geng, Junfeng Miao, and Nan Xiao
A Framework for TLS Implementation Vulnerability Testing in 5G
Yong Wang, Rui Wang, Xin Liu, Donglan Liu, Hao Zhang, Lei Ma, Fangzhe Zhang, Lili Sun, and Zhenghao Li
Safety Watermark: A Defense Tool for Real-Time Digital Forensic Incident Response in Industrial Control Systems
Sim Siang Tze Victor, Chuadhry Mujeeb Ahmed, Koh Yoong Keat Kelvin, and Zhou Jianying
Leveraging Semantic Relationships to Prioritise Indicators of Compromise in Additive Manufacturing Systems
Mahender Kumar, Gregory Epiphaniou, and Carsten Maple
WiP: Towards Zero Trust Authentication in Critical Industrial Infrastructures with PRISM
Fuyi Wang, Yanping Wang, Leo Yu Zhang, Yuval Hertzog, Michael Loewy, Dominique Valladolid, Julio Medeiros, Muna Al-Hawawreh, and Robin Doss

Cloud S&P

slytHErin: An Agile Framework for Encrypted Deep Neural Network Inference
Francesco Intoci, Sinem Sav, Apostolos Pyrgelis, Jean-Philippe Bossuat, Juan-Ramon Troncoso-Pastoriza, Jean-Pierre Hubaux
Trust Management Framework for Containerized Workloads – Applications to 5G Networks
Aicha Miloudi, Luis Suárez, Nora Boulahia Cuppens, Frédéric Cuppens, and Stere Preda


cPSIR: Circuit-based Private Stateful Information Retrieval for Private Media Consumption
Wenyuan Li, Wei Wang, Fan Lang, Linli Lu, and Heqing Huang
A Deep-Learning Approach for Predicting Round Obfuscation in White-Box Block Ciphers
Tongxia Deng, Ping Li1, Shunzhi Yang, Yupeng Zhang, Zheng Gong, Ming Duan, and Yiyuan Luo
Efficient Arithmetic for Polynomial Multiplication in Post-Quantum Lattice-based Cryptosystem on RISC-V Platform
Feng Yang, Hui Cui, and Jiwu Jing
Generic Constructions of Server-Aided Revocable ABE with Verifiable Transformation
Aicha Miloudi, Luis Suárez, Nora Boulahia Cuppens, Frédéric Cuppens, and Stere Preda
Hybrid Post-Quantum Signatures in Hardware Security Keys
Diana Ghinea, Fabian Kaczmarczyck, Jennifer Pullman, Julien Cretin, Stefan Kolbl, Rafael Misoczki, Jean-Michel Picod, Luca Invernizzi, Elie Bursztein
Multi-Armed SPHINCS+
Gustavo Banegas and Florian Caullery
SpanL: Creating Algorithms for Automatic API Misuse Detection with Program Analysis Compositions
Sazzadur Rahaman, Miles Frantz, Barton Miller, and Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
ZKBdf: A ZKBoo-based Quantum-Secure Verifiable Delay Function with Prover-secret
Teik Guan Tan, Vishal Sharma, Zeng Peng Li, Pawel Szalachowski, and Jianying Zhou


If you’re scanning this, it’s too late! A QR Code-based Fuzzing Methodology to Identify Input Vulnerabilities In Mobile Apps
Federico Carboni, Mauro Conti, Denis Donadel, and Mariano Sciacco
Enabling Lightweight Privilege Separation in Applications with MicroGuards
Zahra Tarkhani and Anil Madhavapeddy


Eliminating Adversarial Perturbations Using Image-to-Image Translation Method
Haibo Zhang, Zhihua Yao, and Kouichi Sakurai
Federated Learning Approach for Distributed Ransomware Analysis
Aldin Vehabovic, Hadi Zanddizari, Farook Shaikh, Nasir Ghani, Morteza Safaei Pour, Elias Bou-Harb, and Jorge Crichigno
Forensic Identication of Android Trojans Using Stacked Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks
Mohammed M. Alani, Atefeh Mashatan, and Ali Miri